Welcome to the Intel AI Lab

We are a dynamic research group within Intel Labs. We do “Foundational AI Research at Scale”. We build one of the fastest billion-scale graph learning platforms, and one of the first foundation models for knowledge graph reasoning. We are working on “long-form” video understanding research using sparse transformers and graphs and producing state-of-the-art on many academic benchmarks. We do forefront research on efficient multimodal generative AI including fastest NeRF in the wild. We do advanced research on AI for chip design and deep learning workload optimization. Finally, we are accelerating and democratizing AI for science - focusing on new benchmarks and tools for Material Science and Protein Synthesis.

To this end, we develop …… (see Research).

We do joint-research with academia.


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🔥 News

July 2024 : 3 papers accepted at ECCV
June 2024 : We presented over half-a-dozen papers, co-organized workshops at CVPR
May 2024 : 2 papers accepted at ICML 2024
April 2024 : GraVi-T version 1.2.0 includes Video Summarization usecase.
February 2024 : 3 papers accepted at CVPR 2024

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